WHY Choose Dwan Support ?

DWAN SUPPORTS P LTD. Is aregistered Private Limited Company in 2013. Mr. M.D.Ramachandran Nair is the first Managing Director. We got ISP License B class for Kerala and Lakshadweep with effect from 16.7.2014. Now we upgraded our  License to A catagory for PAN India with effect from 08.08.2016.
We got INFRASTRUCTURE PROVIDER LICENSE - 1 (IP-1) from DOT with effect from 29.02.2016.  With this license we can install WIFI TOWER, ofc leaseline etc.  It is helpful to those wish to start Wifi Net Work.
Our plan is to provide quality broadband services to all people at reasonable rate through out India . We are making contracts with all cable operators in India in order to reach every home. To imporve our bandwidth quality we done peering with Google, Mumbai CH and  installed cashing servcer. The cable operators are now using latest Gepon/Gpon technology. Since Optic cable Fiber is using as the backbone the speed of the Broadband is very good and can provide whatever speed the customer wants. We can also provide 1:1 Premium Bandwidth to those who needs.

We started our Data Centre in Chennai and Mumbai.

We wish to provide new services other than internet through our Network.  The new services offfering now is DATA FREE TV (OTT) and IP Tel as intranet.  


Meet Our Team


Ramachandran Nair

Managing Director
T: +91 9388733384
E: md@dwansupportspltd.co.in

Rajesh Chandran

General Manager
T: +91 9349133384
E: gm@dwansupportspltd.co.in

Joshi Mangan

Operation Manager
T: +91 8589833384
E: om@dwansupportspltd.co.in


Marketing Manager
T: +91 9387542061
E: mm@dwansupportspltd.co.in

Dinesh Babu

Marketing Manager
T: +91 9387242061
E: mm@dwansupportspltd.co.in

Sona S

Assistant General Manager
T: +91 9946733384
E: agm@dwansupportspltd.co.in


Ernakulam G D Manager
T: +91 97453 33384
E: gdm@dwansupportspltd.co.in


Network Engineer
T: +91 9562933384
E: supportshod@dwansupportspltd.co.in


Network Engineer, Tamil Nadu
T: +91 91764 33355
E: guruswamy@dwansupportspltd.co.in


Cheif Technical Officer
T: +91 9995844999
E: cto@dwansupportspltd.co.in